Call Kim, owner of Nouveaux, at 803.548.6190 if you have questions


Deposit is 40% of the item price plus sales tax and a $5 layaway fee to cover transaction fees.  

Call 803-548-6190 to order an item on layaway and receive your deposit invoice via Paypal and your email address.

Final payment due in 30 days from deposit date unless special arrangements are approved by Nouveaux.

It is the buyer's responsibility to contact Nouveaux and provide final payment by the due date.

Deposit will be forfeited in full if final payment is not made on the due date or on an alternate date approved by Nouveaux.

Layaways will be delivered by Nouveaux to the customer once final payment is received.  Delivery within 24 hours for local customers.  Shipping by USPS to customers outside the Charlotte metro region.