2017 Fall Trends

2017 Fall Trends

Each season we anxiously await to see what fate the fashion gods will bestow upon us. Will we love the new trends ? Will we hate them? Will we be indifferent? If you're like me, there's at least one trend you adore, and most definitely one that you hate. Most of the time, like this fall season, they haven't exactly re-invented the wheel, but they've definitely made it interesting. Below you'll find a handful of the 2017 Fall trends available at Nouveaux. You'd be amazed how just a few key pieces can enhance your wardrobe and keep you on trend. The best news? You can get designer quality items for a fraction of the retail price by shopping consignment! All items featured on the blog can be found in the 'Featured on the Blog' Collection on the home page for purchase!
Burgundy Babe
Burgundy is a fantastic rich color that can be paired just about anything. This Free People oversized distressed sweater is begging for a chilly fall day walking through the changing leaves.
You're gold baby, solid gold
Normally, for me at least, a little gold goes a long way. However, given that it is a trending color, I'll definitely be amping up how much I wear it. These Rachel Roy heels are make such a statement!
Rich Chocolate Brown
Chocolate brown is always a great fall go-to. This corduroy AG skirt is a great item that will get your through both the fall and winter. Pair it with tights and a variety of style of boots to add some versatility!
Power Red

A single item of your ensemble in power red can transform it. Bold colors are great to draw strength from and make you feel every bit the confident woman you are. This Moshino Jeans blazer with the embroidered rose detail is in line with both the power red and embroidery trends.


'All any girl needs, at any time in history, is simple velvet and basic diamonds.'

-Eva Gabor

This Giorgio Armani blazer is something out of a dream. I love velvet as much as the next girl, but this jacket is next level amazing. You can adjust the zipper and wear it a multitude of ways.


Nylon Outerwear

Most people have a love/hate relationship with nylon. I for one love it. It can be lightweight and easy to manage as well as bulked up in heavier jackets. The blue Burberry number shown above is a delightful mid-weight jacket, while its Luii companion on the right is a great lightweight early fall option.



For me, a western trend can be over-done very easily, but by making just one item of your outfit on par with the western trend you can't go wrong. This Elizabeth & James lambskin jacket is alluringly soft and in such a great cognac color!

Neutral Plaids

 Plaids?! For Fall?! SHOCKING. Neutral plaids are the tartan target this fall, and a a great plaid blazer is great for both work and play paired with a pair of jeans.


Other trends we'll be seeing this fall include midi skirts, sequins, fall florals as well as  statement faux furs!

Happy Fall!

xxoo Carly

September 06, 2017 by Carly Edmiston
Roll, Cuff & Stuff your jeans this season

Roll, Cuff & Stuff your jeans this season

Last week I showed you some of the awesome boots we have in store with a few outfit ideas to go with them. If you're like me, I most commonly wear my boots/booties with some sort of denim. If I'm feeling a little saucy I throw on a skirt or a tunic and some leggings, but jeans are my first love and they'll always be my fall & winter go-to. 
With that being said, I like to change up the way I style my jeans, especially since I wear them 6 out of 7 days a week. Being that I am a somewhat vertically challenged person at 5'2, rolling and cuffing and tucking and straight up cutting the bottom of my jeans off are skills I've been perfecting for years. Below are a few examples of my go-to fall denim & boot combo moves!
Ankle Booties & the Crop denim
If you can find a great pair of jeans that you don't have to hem and or roll to be the perfect length, by 2 pairs! The cropped ankle length skinnies are great for boot season, and most major denim lines make them in a Petite length as well so all you have to do is throw them on.
Ankle Booties & the Single Cuff
A single cuff adds a little something extra to your outfit and gives your jeans a little more versatility. Get cold or going somewhere later that requires a last minute outfit change? Un-cuff them. 
Ankle Booties & the Roll Under
The roll under is a common move I make, because most of the time I'm too lazy to get my jeans altered, and I need to change up my look. Without a defined bottom hem the jeans look a it more like slacks and create a finished look.
Mid-calf Boots & the Skinny Jean
When it's too cold for ankle exposure, but you aren't in a riding-boot mood, the mid-calf moto or slouchy boots are perfect. I hate to have my skinnies bunched at the top, so I make sure the bottoms of my jeans are either cropped so they say in place, or tucked into a sock so they don't ride up. 
Ridding boots-- sans horse 
I've never actually ridden a horse, but I'm definitely here for the riding boot look. Especially when I'm spending time outside and its freezing. Being that I am on the shorter side, riding boots tend to hit me right at the knee. This creates bunching at the top of the boots if I don't take the proper care to ensure that my jeans are either rolled up enough that they don't move or tucked into some warm fuzzy socks.
Ankle Booties & Raw edge Denim 
The raw edge denim trend is running rampant and that great! It's an easy look to create yourself and rather effortless to pull off with some booties! I've cut several pairs of my skinny jeans that are much too long and it's like I have brand new jeans!
xxoo Carly 
August 30, 2017 by Carly Edmiston
It's not too early to step up your boot game

It's not too early to step up your boot game

'Boots, flannel, cozy sweaters, scarves, fall is coming... boots, flannel, cozy sweaters, scarves, fall is coming...' I repeat over and over to myself as I do ANYTHING outdoors. These last few weeks have given new meaning to the term 'dog days of summer' with the scorching temps and I for one need a distraction.
What better distraction than shoes?! Boots and booties, specifically, are the focus of this post. I cannot believe the crazy amount of AMAZING boots that we have in store right now! Below you'll find a few of my favorite pairs as well as ideas on how to style them. If you check out the 'Featured on the Blog' collection, you'll see ALL the boots we've gotten in over the last few weeks!


Fun & Fantastic Booties



The wonderful thing about these booties is that they have have the ability to be dressed up & down! Throw them on with a pair of cuffed jeans, a dress or skirt. The options are endless! 


Badass Babe Boots



 There's nothing like a good leather boot and some hardware to make you feel like a chíc biker chick, and these beauties do just that. Wear them with your fav moto jacket and some distressed jeans to complete the look. 



These Calleen Cordero lace up wedge booties adorned with gunmetal get a special shoutout. They are a styling dream! Wear them with jeans, camo, leather skirts, dresses, literally anything, and you'll no doubt have everyone asking who makes your boots. 


Rustic Babes 



These rustic booties are begging for an outdoor concert or a night sitting around a bonfire. Wear them with distressed jeans, a jean skirt or a boho chíc dress to complete the look. 


Riding Pretty



No matter your style, chances are there are a pair of riding boots that suit you. My favorite part about tall boots are their versatility. You can wear them with practically any item of clothing and achieve the look your going for. Fancy or casual, jeans or dresses, riding boots are here to stay (for now) and I am here for it!

Stay tuned for next week's post where we'll go over ways to style jeans with every style of boot! Cuffed? Un-cuffed? Rolled under? Tucked in? We'll show you how we're styling boots & jeans this season! 




August 24, 2017 by Carly Edmiston
August? Is that you?

August? Is that you?

I don't know about you all, but I blinked in May and now it's suddenly August?! August means Fall is coming and its time to start thinking about those summer to fall transition outfits! Long sleeves (& dare I say pants?!) can be hard to wrap your head around when temps here in the Queen City will hover around 80 degrees until September, alas fall fashion doesn't care how hot it is.

The key to the early fall transition is LAYERS! It may be 85-90 degrees outside but everyone has the a/c cranked indoors and with fluctuating temps, layers are your best friend. We aren't re-inventing the wheel here, layers are the key to any seasonal transition, its more about how creative you can get with your styling. Seasonal transitions allow you to play with a myriad of textures and lengths and still look purposeful.

Check out a few of the looks below for some inspiration! All items featured are currently available for purchase in store & online! Check out the 'Shop the Blog' Collection on the homepage.

Mixing Layers & Patterns

Invest in a good chambray button down, there's so much you can do with it! This Cloth & Stone two tone top is a size XS and just $20.80!

These Citizen of Humanity coated denim in a subtle camo pattern are the PERFECT pant to pair with a fun patterned shoe or bag.



Playing with Textures

I am really loving the raw hem denim trend right now. We've paired these McGuire crops (size 27, $85) with a short sleeve thick knit Banana Republic crop top (size small, $15) that breathes so you won't die of heat stroke. And we can't forget to mention these FABULOUS Valentino leather rockstud espadrilles can we?! Size 38 $400



Sporty & Put Together

A comfy jersey knit dress is a must have in every woman's closet. It can look comfy & relaxed, but when paired with a button down, there is a sense of structure added to the look. The Adidas Superstars (size 10, $20) maintain a playful on trend look. 

This Elizabeth & James button down has the most playful & fun tie-back! Size XS $32.50


Tanks & Joggers

The joggers trend is here to stay and I for one am here for it. These Michael by Michael Kors chambray beauties (size 2, $25) can be worn with heels, flats, wedges, or sneakers. There is no wrong answer.

Tying a knot in any top & layering with a tank adds so many new options within your exsting closet. The best part? If you get too hot, just take the t-shirt off! This NWT Free People top (Size Small, ($18 Retail $48)) is the perfect material to tie up, because it will maintain its original shape after washing.


Though summer is coming to an end, Fall fashion is just beginning. 




August 03, 2017 by Carly Edmiston
An Alexander McQueen Dream

An Alexander McQueen Dream

This Alexander McQueen
 dress is everything I never knew I always wanted! The lines it creates for your body are amazing and the structured shoulders are begging for an up-do so they won't be overshadowed by any long luscious locks.
July 14, 2017 by Carly Edmiston
Welcome to 'What's new at Nouveaux'!

Welcome to 'What's new at Nouveaux'!

Greetings Fashion Lovers! Welcome to ‘What’s New at Nouveaux’ where I’ll be bringing you weekly updates on our latest arrivals, styling ideas, consignment tips for both buying & selling as well as a myriad of other fabulous info!
July 14, 2017 by Carly Edmiston