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Bella Scored The Best Chanel Bag On Consignment

Bella Hadid could walk into any Chanel boutique and buy a classic quilted flap bag or a timeless 2.55. But the model prefers the thrill of the chase, sourcing her handbags via vintage vendors stocking rare versions of discontinued accessories. Hadid’s latest second-hand acquisition is the definition of an investment buy: the Chanel Medallion tote.

The late ’00s favourite among the Beverly Hills set became an instant It-bag owing to its bold CC motif and signature Chanel quilting (translation: status symbols). The slimline yet capacious silhouette was also deemed a practical purchase, owing to the extended straps to sling over the shoulder. And its delectable palette of caviar leather finishes, plus luxuriously muted velvets and polished patent versions, meant there was a Medallion for every Chanel fan. But, despite its popularity, production of the Medallion – which takes its name from the insignia on its statement disc-shaped zip – stopped in the ’10s.



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